Friday, 28 October 2011

Bern, Baby, Bern

I'm enjoying a day off today. I've been sadly excited about it as I rarely take a day off to spend on myself. Usually I take holidays to travel up North and spend time with my family or have a long weekend with AJ. Fluttering around online has soon crept into my day so I've been doing a little window shopping and I've spotted some cute cycling helmets. I do have a helmet, it's a very safe and generic looking Giro...possibly an Athlon. I can't remember. It's a silvery grey and matches just about anything I wear but it just doesn't inspire me. It was a quick buy as I intended to ride my bike the evening I brought it home - and I wouldn't dream of cycling without a helmet!

Don't get me wrong, my is Giro definitely a great helmet - light, safe, well-fitted and has a good brand name behind it. But in my search to find something chic but warm for the winter I came across the new Bern range. And wow...

These are actually marketed as winter sports helmets but I can't see why a cyclist can't pull them off! (Even better if you're a cyclist-come-snowboarder).  I'm not sure how much the knit would impact hearing though, I do like to know exactly what is approaching me when I'm travelling on main roads. The good news is that the knits are removable so it can serve as a year-round helmet. What I also love about these helmets is how customisable they can be -  Bern sells both knits and sun visors for their helmets as separates. They come in a variety of colours and are suitable for most of their models. Like it. Even better, the women's helmets come in a proper RANGE colours adorned with modern graphics*. Not just pink. Or with garish flower patterns that should have stayed in the 90s along with inflatable sofas and Steps.

*Although, yes they do have a little butterfly motif. But it's small and quite charming so I'll let it pass...

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