Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Filofax Love Story

For those of who you don't know, I'm obsessed with stationary and organization. And who is the king of these two things? Filofax of course! In short, my Filofax is my memory. A former boyfriend endearingly called my Filofax my "Bible". He wasn't wrong.
I have 4 Filofaxes at the mo (I have just ordered a Filofax Finchley in Imperial Purple - it was 50% off so I don't feel too bad about it) consisting of a Personal Baroque, a Personal Black Baroque and a Pocket Classic in Cherry Red. I'm currently missing a Pocket Domino in Red which is floating around at home somewhere.

Here's my brood:
My lovlies, top to bottom: Pocket Cherry Red Classic, Personal Black Baroque, Personal Teal Baroque

The missing Domino was my first Filofax, I bought it after watching 27 Dresses. It was during my last year of university and chaos was ensuing all around me. I was about to undertake some more freelance work alongside my Uni course and was generally feeling a bit lost amongst all the work I had to do. My flatmate and I had gone to the cinema to relax and de-stress by watching a crappy chick flick. The movie itself was terrible (in a good way) and it stirred something in me - it was that pretty Filofax - that's what I needed! My life was missing a blooming Filofax!!! The next day the Domino was bought from the local WHSmith and I instantly felt better for moving everything out of my brain and onto the paper.
I also invested in a smartphone which helps me remember more time-specific events - unfortunately my Filofax doesn't beep at me to remind of appointments! I know a lot of people prefer either a Filo or a phone to organize thier lives but the two can exist together...a combination of both smartphone and Filo works perfectly for me!

Soon after buying my Domino, I met up with a Freelance Art Director who would be working with me on an up-coming project. I spotted it straight away. She had a Filofax. It was an over-stuffed Indie in personal size. It was beautiful. I immediately got Filo-envy! Needless to say it didn't take me long after that to hit the Filofax website like an addict and order my two Baroques. I loved the slouchy soft look and being the indecisive person that I am, I bought two - one in black and one in teal - as I just couldn't decide which colour I wanted! They served me well during some very stressful times but two years later I got a sweet little bargain on eBay - my pocket Classic in cherry red. I had become a bit sick of carrying around the larger Flo and so I moved back into a pocket size. And that's when the problems started.

Every year the same thing happens; during the wintry months I decide I want to start using my Personal filofax as I can cram more stuff in it. I find I'm busier in Autumn/Winter but once Spring is well and truly underway I get bored of lugging around my larger Filofax (and oh my god it gets heavy!) and I start yearning for those lighter, more compact days when my Pocket Filofax was my go-to Filo :-/ What I need is a magical Filofax - one that has inserts the size of the personal, but folds down into pocket size!
Nevertheless, I have decided to move out of my pocket Filo for 2012 and a few months ago I dug out my Baroques and ordered a new diary refill in personal size. Sadly my teal Baroque had picked up a horrible black ink stain right on the front of it! I used the age-old trick of dabbing hairspray onto the stain. It worked, but it also took out some of the dye so be careful if you try this too. And don't worry, the dye bleed didn't affect the Filo at all - there is no visible sign of colour-loss on the Filo itself. Now I only have a darkened edge on the clasp, which is nothing compared to the huge stain that was there!

Next week I'll be doing a little run through of my Baroque and my setup for 2012 - hope to see you there!


  1. Thanks Steve, there's more to come! Amber x

  2. Loving the charms - they are so pretty x

  3. I use both my Scanda Personal and a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and I find they both work together. I find they work well together.

  4. Thanks LJ! I bought them aaaages ago from a little bead shop in Carlisle when I lived there whilst at University. That shop has since closed down, along with many other jewellery making / craft shops. I just use some head pins and a jump hoop and it's done! That beaded chain...just came from a pair of trainers I bought!

  5. I'm with you John! Why have one or the other?! x

  6. I really thought I was the only one that was obsessed over these things. Thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy.

  7. Hello! I know this post is really old...but I was wondering if you still have the teal baroque and if you were willing to sell it? thank you