Thursday, 15 December 2011

New cycling gloves!

My new cycling gloves have finally arrived! I say cycling, but I will actually be using these gloves for everything.
I get very cold hands in Winter, especially my index fingers for some reason. So these will be my walking, driving, cycling, hiking and general lounging around the house gloves.

dhb Extreme Winter Gloves - no messing around

They are dhb's latest Winter-proof glove, the dhb Extreme Winter Glove, which are wind-proof, waterproof and breathable, along with the usual cycling padding, reflective strips & palm grips. dhb are apparently the epitome of British design, although I'd never heard of them before, and they come with a small booklet informing you these gloves were indeed designed and developed in the UK. Not made in the UK of course, that would be absurd!
I bought them directly from Wiggle (my other fave cycling store aside from Evans) who are a lovely bunch who dispatch your parcel with a free bag of sweeties inside. I like this idea very much! Free sweets are always a good thing!
The gloves arrived last night and I haven't taken them off yet (except to write this, I did try to keep them on but I was just mashing the keyboard sid qwas ridculios - see).
I admit, they aren't very feminine looking. I think they might actually be men's gloves as they are a little wide on the palm and long on the ring & pinky fingers. But I don't care. I'm going back home to Scotland for Christmas, and you don't mess around with the cold weather up there!

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