Saturday, 7 January 2012

Filofax For Sale Alert!

Hello (and a very belated Happy New Year) to my fellow Bloggers.
As the title suggests, I'm letting you know that I have a Filofax to sell!
I received my Purple Imperial Finchely a few weeks ago (pics will come soon!) and I was so thrilled with it that I immediately went looking for the Vintage Rose Finchely on eBay. Well, I did find one to bid on and lucky me, I won the auction!
The Personal Vintage Rose Finchely arrived a few days ago, and, well... I just don't like it. I think my problem is that I went for the deliciously rich purple first and somehow I just don't think the Finchley suits this dusky pink colour. Perhaps it's just me, there is certainly nothing wrong with it (although it did arrive with a musky odour which I have tried to air out) and I did like the vintage colours when viewing it online. I have just changed my mind.

And so in light of my unwanted purchase, I am putting this Filofax up for Sale on eBay as of today. It will be up there for a standard 7 day auction with no reserve or Buy It Now price. Starting price is only £5!
Inserts are limited but they include:
A black Today marker
Cotton Cream dividers
Cotton Cream Address dividers
A few Cotton Cream Address pages
A few Cotton Cream To Do pages

If you do decide to go for it - happy bidding!

*edit: the colour of this Filo is more of a dusky pink that these photos suggest. Link to eBay item is here.

***Update: This pretty Filo has now been sold to a very happy buyer. Smiles all round!

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