Monday, 13 February 2012

Finally the New Filofaxes...

Well... I have actually had these Filofaxes for about a month now and they are already hard at work so it feels like I've had them for months let alone weeks. So what do I have now? Well... I have managed to add a personal Imperial Purple Finchely, a Black A5 Identity and an A5 Imperial Purple Finchely to my hoard.

I'll save the Identity for another day and just look at the gorgeousness of the Finchley for now :)



Ok, that's enough of that. One thing has to be said about this Filofax though, the colour is just delicious. I have always loved the colour purple, but, being a pernickety designer, I'm quite particular about my colours. There are certain shades of purple I don't like; I don't like bluey purples, or pale purples, or neon purples etc. etc. I could go on (no, really, I could fill just one post up with all the tones & tints I do and don't like)...But the important thing is that I really really do like this shade of purple, it is very deep and rich without being too dark and is definitely on the red side of the spectrum. Which is good.

The leather itself is quite soft and a little bit cushioned to the touch. For some reason I was expecting it to be quite hard and unforgiving like my little pocket Classic so I was pleasently surprised to find it so strokable. I like the subtle leather grain used on this binder compared to the heavily grained and patterned leathers I often see on the Filofax website. A fellow Filofax enthsiast (I will post a link here if i can find it) had mentioned that the leather on this Filofax scratches easily. Luckily this hasn't happened to me yet but one thing I have noticed is that this Filofax shows up dirt like nobody's business! Especially makeup! I have a habit of rubbing my face when I'm stressed. Rubbing face = makeup ends up on fingers = makeup all over Filofax. I never have this problem with the Baroque or Classic Filos!! I seem to wipe down this Filofax every few days only for it to gather more of my makeup bag again

So what does this Filofax do in my life? What stresses does it carry for me? Well, this is my work Filofax...I'll leave that there I think. Let's just have a look at what's inside it.

A diary within a diary?! Yes! Why not! I actually keep my timesheeting notes inside this little diary. I do this to keep client project details completely seperate from the work diary as it lets me focus on exactly what I have done for each client on a day-by-day basis without anything else getting in the way. I then come back and look over it once the project is done and detail everything in a proper timesheet. This diary is just a little cheapy from WH Smith (well, as cheap as you get from WH Smith...) but it looks quite nice in the Finchley.

Even though this is a hard-working Filofax I didn't want it to be boring so I hunted around for a classy image to use as a front page. I came across my Calander from last year (I never throw calanders away, I always cut them up and use the artwork for something) which featured prints by the designer Erté. I cut out a personal-sized insert from the front cover to use in my Filofax.

This particular print was cut from the calendar's cover so it is decorated with some glitter, very bling! I love Erté's work but I wish I knew what this print is actually called, I just know it as 'The Alphabet Lady'.

Also in the front is a few business cards and some designs I like.

I'm afraid I can't show you much inside as work is top secret!
The diary is a standard week on two pages in cotton cream. I much prefer the cotton cream layout to the standard white. The design is more modern and the 'this week' section is very handy! The cream also looks very posh next to the rich purple.

I labelled the months myself, much easier to flip between dates during meetings.

I'm still working on the tab structure so have just stuck page tabs over some at the mo. It's a pretty straight-forward setup; 'Notes' are just for general note-taking, 'Projects' is where I store notes knowledge on upcoming projects before a full brief is released and 'SMT' is company and design info. The 'Actions' section is particulary useful; during meetings I will write down the actions I need to take once the meeting is over. The pages in this section are all 'To-Do' pages and each type of meeting has it's own page so it's easy to look over and tick things off as I do them. Finally, the address section is used for new contact info as I don't have a work phone.

At the back are the business cards I transferered from my personal planner, the Baroque, along with the post-its and page markers. I don't keep anything in the zipped mesh section at the mo.

I had a bit of a size crisis a few weeks into using this Filo. I ran out of room in the diary section very quickly. You see, I use my diary section as a massive To-Do section, with bullet points in each day. It works very well for me; it lets me see what I need to do that day and I can then go back and use it as reference if I need to know when I did something. The only problem with this is that the method is a huge drain on space. SO I thought about it. And thought some more... I have always wanted an A5 organizer but never had the need to get one. But now I did have a need!! I didn't even have to decide what to get. I loved the Purple Finchely so much that when I spotted an A5 one on Amazon for a baragin £70 I bagged it quick. (Yes - for once Amazon was cheaper than eBay - and this Filofax was brand new!)
It arrived a few days later with all new inserts and a nice columned week on two pages diary. Great! Loads of room! Or so I thought. I started using it and within 2 days I gave up. The column layout was useless to me; I don't make appointments, I make to do lists. I tried to use the system by sticking meetings in at the correct times, squeezing them between my 'to-do' bullet points. The resulting mess was counter-productive so I switched back to the personal. Ok fine, I thought, I'll just order the weeks on 2 pages cotton cream diary in A5 next year and make the switch then. But as I now know, the cotton cream diaries don't exist in A5 size!! Why not Filofax?! Grr!
So what will I do with the A5? I like it too much to sell but it's other potential use of a Projects & Goals Planner has been fulfilled by the less delicate Identity (I will post on this soon!) I did think I could use it alongside the personal at work but I'm a little put off as the two Finchelys are different colours! See!

The A5 is darker and is different enough in tone for me to me to prefer the  colour of the personal Finchley to the colour of the A5 Finchley. Has any body else had non-matching Filos? I suppose it might be because the personal came straight from Filofax i.e. brand new stock whereas the A5 might have been in stock on Amazon for a while meaning it was a different dye lot. I don't know, either way I don't like them sitting next to each other. Never mind, I'm sure I will come up with something for it to do! I'm good at finding things to do :)


  1. I love this post! It's great fun! I have an a5 finchley and an a5 malden, I keep trying to use the finchley but the malden has bigger rings! And like you, I run out of room. I have an old personal size portland that has the best leather but it's so much easier to write in an a5 -- as to to the insert paper, yes. Filofax needs to improve the selection but it doesn't seem like thats going to happen... Some of the inserts have better quality paper then the others, the calender sheets are all pretty poor but the other papers differ. Even between paper that looks the same (the item number is different) I don't know if you want to print your own pages but there are lots on the website and then you can have great paper...


  2. Hi Tracy! Thank you :) Yes I remember reading your post - is Mr Malden still working out for you ok? Does the Finchley have another job yet? *sigh* I really wish Filofax would get it together and listen to the Philofaxy & Facebook feedback about the lack of nice inserts!

  3. If you still wanted to use the A5 size, you could try printing out a few weeks of different formats and try them. I did this when switching from a personal to an A5. I have one of Ray's fabulous templates for my work A5 but for my personal I just made my own A5 Week on One Page. Maybe you could find something that will work for you in this manner? Did you see this post on Philofaxy?

  4. Very nice post. I love the Finchley binder - I use my green one as my Happiness Binder. I also love this color purple. I wish they would make a Compact Finchley in the purple - I'd be all over that!

  5. Wow, these are gorgeous! I keep finding myself looking at the pocket ones on eBay to go with my new purple satchel. Must resist...

  6. I'm pretty new to Filofax so this maybe a pretty obvious question, "why not use the white A5 diary inserts?"

  7. @terriknits Yes I would love to design & print my own! The only thing holding me back is a printer that works, my poor printer has keeled over :( I will download those files from Philofaxy and have a tinker with them though, thanks for that.

    @kanalt The green Finchely is such a lovely colour! I did buy the pink one on eBay but I wasn't very keen on it when it arrived so I sold it again. I've yet to spot a bargain green one. Good luck with your happiness binder!

  8. @Anita I love your new bag!! I'd neevr heard of them before but you've got me browing their website now... hmmm...

  9. @ayra I suppose it's just personal preference. There's a few differences between the white and cream. Firstly, the layout is diffferent; the cream diary includes a section at the top of the week called 'This Week' which allows you to jot down everything you expect to happen that week. The design also is more modern compared to the white.
    The paper quality is different too,; the white is definately thinner as you can see your writing through the other side of the page.
    And finally, well, the cream just looks nicer against deep purple!

  10. Just found your blog and i am loving your filofax posts! xx

  11. Ace, did you see Steve's hack on Philofaxy, where he cut an A5 Flex diary to fit an A5 Filofax? That would give you your desired WO2Playout on nice paper quality!

    BTW, I have the purple Finchley in A5, Personal and Pocket and they all have the exact same color!?

  12. I am new to filofax and just love my new red finchley. Really wanted the purple but I came to the party late so i had to get the fav color :-)

  13. I am interested in purchasing the imperial purple A5. I know it's discontinued but does anyone know where I can purchase one