Tuesday, 6 March 2012

30 Days of Lists: Day 6

List 6: Things To Collect
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I don't really collect things, by that I mean I don't actually go out of my way to collect things. It just so happens that certain things tend to accumulate in my house... not my fault...

ALWAYS useful for high quality prints to cut out and use for cardstocking, Filofax dividers, wall art etc.

I like having a large collection to hand so I can just spread everything out and get inspiration for my next card designs.

I don't have as many of these lying around as I used to, I've had a cull recently. I think Filofax is also partly to blame for this, most of my note keeping is done in one of my six Filofaxes these days.

I've read a few books on my phone (HTC HD - the screen is big enough for me read without going blind) but it's just not the same as a physical book. And my books are very...'loved'. Ok, they're a mess. But I'm not precious about my books, they get shoved in my bag, they are dropped in the garden, they have coffee spilt on them. My phone couldn't handle that!

Six and counting!!!! Only one is not in use; I'm super-organized, my life would be a mess without them.

You know those buttons you cut off new clothes, those ones you find around the house, the ones you impulse-buy in a craft shop? I keep them ALL. In a small biscuit tin. Because if you throw a button away, you will need it the very next day.

I have a thing about masks. In fact I'm attracted to these kinds of things in general, Venetian masquerades, Victorian circuses, ruined buildings, Baroque-style art...love it all.

Ticket Stubs
I like to remember what I've seen and when (and who with sometimes). It's nice to come across an old ticket stub and reminisce.

I'm obsessed with growing a large plant one day. I haven't succeed yet. I blame the constant house-moving I do (six times in six years, getting tired now), the plants never seem to really settle in, especially if the new place has less light than the old one.

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