Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Trip to Venice

When I disappeared back in March I was preparing to go a short break to a place I have always wanted to go to - Venice. I can honestly say that it didn't disappoint :) I have to say I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my stay there, I really expected it to be a big let down as I read so many wonderful things about the place before I visited and thought it was just tourist hype.
We had been very lucky to spot an online offer to stay in Venice during the off peak visitor season. On arrival we found that despite it being March we had the fortune of a wonderful weather forecast, and even better, there were less tourists around than I can imagine there would be in Summer - another plus was that the lack of extreme heat meant we didn't experience the...'aroma' of the canals.

We stayed in a town near the coast of mainland Italy called Mestre, and from there it was a 10 minute train journey into Venice. We had our first journey across on a Wednesday morning at 11am on an unusually quiet train. I couldn't believe my eyes when we walked out of Venice train station to find that Venice...was completely silent. Empty! A few locals, the odd group of tourists here and there... but peaceful. I will never forget that moment. It was exactly how I had wanted Venice to be. 

 The following trips we had over the next few days included a day out in Verona and Murano. But we came back to Venice as much as we could before our time was up.
You really can spend a whole day losing yourself in the maze of bridges and miniature footpaths that connect the city. We also had the obligitory trip in a Gondola, and witnessed what can only be described as peak time congestion in the afternoon as too many vessels were trying to cram themselves down the narrower canals.

There is a kind of abandoned beauty to Venice that I just fell in love with. The ornate ostentatious architecture contrasting with the old neglected houses, not to mention the ancient carvings and paintings inside and out... oh just amazing! (I'm such a massive art nerd!)

If you ever plan to visit Venice here's my advice; go in early Spring and don't plan! Let yourself get lost in the backstreets of the most beautiful city in the world, you'll discover treasures that many tourists won't see. Like the San Giovanni Evangelista Complex, the most incredible marbles and ceiling paintings decorate this building. I would have loved to have seen the famous theatres of Venice too but I ran out of time - there's too much to see! I will definitely be going back to resume my exploration! Another piece of advice: visit Harry's Bar and get yourself one of the original Bellini cocktails. Be warned though - They are expenisve (of course!) and you will be required to be wearing long trousers; visitors in shorts be prepared to be turned away.

And now for some snap shots! I wanted to create a fancy pants montage with these, but I seem to have misplaced the SD card containing the originals when moving house.
You can see the originals and more on my feed over at Flicker.

One of the first views you will see if coming in by train.

Waiting for the waterbus to pick us up from Murano.
You can see Venice on the horizon.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

An Accidental Hiatus

Oops... it's been a while...
So sorry that I disppeared for so long! Life has a habit of getting in the way! So what's been happening?? Well, I've been on holiday to a beautiful place called Venice, bought some new Filofaxes, had a relationship breakdown, moved house, started a new obsession with fountain pens, and acquired a pet. Busy times!

I will try to resume my blogging activities now things have clamed down a bit. Take care for now!