Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Card Making

It's my mum's birthday in a few days and I've been working away on a card for her. Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil I have been making home-made cards for my family. As the years went on and the workload piled up - be it homework, high school portfolio, uni dissertation or design overtime - I started to whittle down on the amount of cards I made. Now I reserve the 'honor' for new arrivals in the family and for my mother who keeps every card I make and displays it proudly until the event the card was created to celebrate has long passed. Sweet. (With the exception of last year, when for the first time in years I sent her a shop-bought card. Poor health + heavy workload = no time management. Sorry mum!)

A few Saturdays ago my good friend Mark and I wandered around Fred Aldous in Manchester to get some inspiration and gather materials. This shop has really come on since I first stepped foot in it 2 years ago. It's so refreshing to see a traditional arts & craft shop keep up with current trends. There were so many vintage style pieces alongside kitsch gifts and oddities. I was really impressed and must have spent close to an hour in there. Seeing the quirky nature of some of the items I then decided to go recreate my own quirky piece.

Here's my latest handywork. You might recognise it...

The beautiful pearlised and laced effect craft pieces from Fred Aldous,
the little silver raindrops reminded me of my Rain Bird illustration.

The templates: My Rain Bird infuriatingly but lovingly printed from Illustrator

The finished product! I cut the artwork out in layers and built up the images piece by piece.
Difficult to see the decoupage effect and 3D raindrops due to my ancient camera
refusing to accept there is any light source in the room and insisting on using a flash at all times.

The silver raindrops and 3D hearts were painted with Chroma acrylic paints to match the graphic,then glued
on to the background. I decided not to add the lacy edging and the pearl drops - less is more!

The inside graphic :)

Does it meet my perfectionist standards? No. This is actually the third attempt at making this card. But I'm sure my mum will love it for what it is.

That's all for now... for tomorrow I bake the cake!! :D