Friday, 4 November 2011

New artwork!

Introducing some new characters to my portfolio, Wowls.

I sell my artwork on Red Bubble under my professional name. You can see my portoflio here.
Anything can be ordered from postcards & stickers to full size canvases. I haven't enabled printing on clothing yet but I'll make it available soon! Also on the way will be iPhone cases :)

Here's a preview of my quirky Wowl series...

Get Out of My Tree!

Where are all the Wowls?

Wowl One

Full of Wowls

If you're a budding artist trying to get your work out there I would definitely give Red Bubble a go - it's incredibly easy to sell your stuff and templates are available for the tricky things. There's quite a community spirit too and you promote your work as much as you wish.


  1. Aw I love your wowls! I'm such a sucker for an owl, love 'em :)

    Caroline xx

  2. Haha me too! Thanks Caroline :) xx